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Master Digital Artsy Layouts

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Master Digital Artsy Layouts

You see yourself with all these supplies & techniques but still don't know how to get started to create layouts that are fully artistic?

Say yes to a new Creative YOU !

What you can Expect

It doesn't have to be that way

Instead what you want...

  • Is to grow as an artist and create not just layouts but pieces of ART!
  • To have full control of your software.
  • Learn how to create your own artistic supplies.
  • Learn how to have multiples uses of your supplies.
  • Expand your creativity
  • Learn to use Photoshop and other tools beyond just layouts.



The school is a roadmap constantly growing giving you tools to learn artsy design creations to help beginners or advanced users.

The School has courses intended for you to learn and master Photoshop CC for digital artsy creation, with projects to practice what you've learned.

No matter your level there is something for everyone, you can just start learning Photoshop cc or if you're advanced the school has advanced lessons.

If you want to create your own supplies the school has lessons to show you how to create things with the supplies you already have.

The beauty is that everything is there waiting for you no rush, no deadlines, you can stream the lessons or download everything over and over again.

The school has a constant growing list of supplies so you can practice your skills.

All the lessons will build up on past techniques learned, so you can really master and understand Photoshop CC and Digital Art Creation.

Take a Peek Inside

What you'll get ?

The school is a membership and that means it takes time to learn the content and we have constant new content coming.

  • 1 Full Project Class
  • Monthly Theme with Mini kit companion.
  • 1 Monthly step by step video tutorial
  • 1 Monthly Live Q & A
  • Layout steps
  • Bonus: pdfs, downloads(brushes, digi supplies), checklists, techniques, and support.
  • Private Community with no ads or distractions and very interactive.
  • Future Special Events.
  • Learn how to use your supplies.

WE'RE NOT FOCUSED ON SPECIFIC BRAND OR PRODUCT. The goal is to teach you techniques and projects to use the SUPPLIES YOU ALREADY HAVE.

What are the benefits

More than $500 value

Learn how to make better pages.

Learn how style works with Digital Artsy Style.

Learn how to use supplies to fit your artsy style.

Understand Photoshop CC to create whatever you want in your artsy designs.

Use your supplies to create unique art and paintings other than just pages.

Learn how to combine other tools with Photoshop.

Grow as an Artist.

Be with fellow digital artists and get support and grow together.

" I have been a graphic/plain/simple scrapbooker, but leaned toward an artsy style when making greeting cards. Seeing Jana Oliveira's art on scrapbook pages intrigued me. I'm so glad I joined the Digital Artsy School! In just 3 months Jana has gently led me out of my "box," and into a new comfort zone. I've been so happy with all I've learned, and anxiously await each new lesson.

Jana is a caring teacher who strives and succeeds in meeting her students' needs. She is also very generous with all the awesome supplies included each month...brushes, styles, kits, etc. This was most definitely one of my best decisions in helping me to get to the next level in the art I love so much. Thanks Jana!" Sharon L.

Some of the Supplies

The school has more than 30 packs of supplies so far.

Private Community

  • Exclusive Coupons
  • Exclusive Articles
  • Layout Steps Articles.
  • Get it Scrapped Seminar with Jana Oliveira about Masteries and Frustrations.
  • Share your layouts
  • Access to ask direct questions.
  • Request Feedback
  • Resources and Link sharing
  • Community without distractions or negativity.
  • Support of others creatives like you.

" The School is a place to grow and not just

consume, learn without frustrations and

create art that you're proud of"

Students Creations

"I am a happy member of Jana Oliveira’s Digital Artsy School.It is so exciting to be exposed to new challenges, play out of my comfort zone, and learn to try something new at my own pace.Jana is a remarkable, patient, available, kind instructor, helping to guide you along your journey with great encouragement. Jana’s motto is “everyone can create”, and enjoys the accomplishments of her students.

Many at the school are great encouragers as well.We take such delight when a member reveals their efforts, if someone wishes to do so.The intent is to proceed along our learning adventure, and not compare ourselves to others.

The atmosphere at the school is quite friendly and inclusive. It’s always about “your” journey, and I am delighted I found such a wonderful place to stretch as I learn." Ellie M.

Your Instructor

Jana Oliveira
Jana Oliveira

Hi everyone ! I'm Jana Digital Artsy Scrapbooker and Digital Artist. I love to create artistic designs in Photoshop. I had several of my pages and articles published at digital art magazines. I've dedicated my time to work with designers and digital scrapbooking stores creating tutorials and helping with product knowledge for digital scrapbookers.

Join me in this adventure and I'll help you discover the digital artist in you !

Everyone can create art and tell stories in Photoshop!

Courses Included with Purchase

Intro to Artsy Digital Scrapbooking
Create Unique Digital Scrapbooking Pages
Jana Oliveira
Artistry Episodes 2
Start to Finish Quick way to Learn Composite
Jana Oliveira
Intro to Artsy Scrapbooking Part 2
Going beyond the simple template and start to use brushes and styles
Jana Oliveira
Artistry Episode 3
Artistry Composite for Advanced Photoshop User
Jana Oliveira
Paint in Photoshop
Jana Oliveira
Q & A Recordings
Jana Oliveira
Jana Oliveira
Brushing with Channels
Jana Oliveira
Art Journal Class 1
Jana Oliveira
Artistry Episode
Digital Artistry Episode 1
Jana Oliveira
Monthly Kits
Jana Oliveira
Downloads Bonus
More Goodies
Jana Oliveira
Enjoy yourself Layout
Jana Oliveira
Brush 101
Learning Brushes the Real Way
Jana Oliveira
Cluster Building
Jana Oliveira
Paint Lab
Jana Oliveira
Digital Abstract Paint 2
Create Digital Paint
Jana Oliveira
Journaling Techniques
Jana Oliveira
Starts with You Artsy Layout
Jana Oliveira
Painted Clusters
Creating your own painted Clusters
Jana Oliveira
Intro to Mobile Artsy Digital Scrapbooking
Learn how to use affinity Photo to Create Digital Scrapbooking
Jana Oliveira
Beginner Step by Step Digital Artsy Scrapbooking
Learn how to get start creating Artsy Layouts
Jana Oliveira
Digital Gelli Print
Learn how to create digital gelli print style backgrounds and layouts
Jana Oliveira
Digital Artsy Masks
How to Create Your Artsy Masks
Jana Oliveira

Original Price: $565


  • Is this network works for Photoshop Elements as well?

All the videos and techniques are in Photoshop CC although we'll teach eventually in other programs. Digital Artsy intermediate and advanced techniques are best with pro software. If you feel confident and know how to translate the techniques from Photoshop CC to any other software you use you can always try the free trial and see if that works for you. But there is not Photoshop Elements only videos.

  • Is this just community or do we have classes?

We have the classes and downloads here and you'll be invited to a network so we can ask questions and show layouts.

  • Is it easy to cancel?

You can cancel the membership anytime just going to your account without having to contact anyone. When you do cancel you still have access to the date that you paid for. Ex: if you paid for 1 month and cancel after 5 days you still have access to the rest of the 25 days of the month. The same with the annual membership.

  • Refund Policy

30-day money back refunds are for annual members.

Monthly members can cancel anytime and will have access to their membership until the last day of their billing.

  • Videos Download

All Videos are downloadable

Get started now!